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Solo Cup Challenge

Solo Cup Challenge

Solo Cup Challenge


    Read Closely

    1) All participants must use an individual cup max volume is 500 ml

    2) All participants will use a seed, or seedling of any Cannabis variety female. Please specify strain/hybrid/breeder lineage in as much detail as possible (or even if it's a bag seed; tell what kind of herb was it in the bag the seed came from).

    3) Participants can enter up to 2 plants (one plant per cup), and will choose the best one to be judged.

    4) Seedlings must be germinated Clones are not a valid entry.

    5) All roots must remain inside the cup for the duration of the challenge and may require trimming. Any type of feeding is allowed, but if roots grow out the bottom of the container they must be trimmed immediately and not be outside the container.

    6) Harvest must be no more than 18 weeks from the day the competition starts and MUST be harvested with finished product pictures and smoke report by a set date.

    7) Keep the photos and updates regular, one per week at least. Missing 3 or more weeks without any update disqualifies a contestant, so keep up steady updates for maximum participation and to be considered in the winners poll.

    8) Winner will be decided by a poll posted after the challenge is completed.

    9) It is expected of all participants to keep a good attitude in the spirit of community and sharing of knowledge and experiences. Let's all have FUN.

    Completed Grows will be judged by the Cannabis Club community in a poll upon completion of the contest. Finished grows will be judged on:

    Quality of the information given

    Frequency and presentation of updates

    Quality of photographs and / or videos

    Explanation & details

    Design of the grow (concept)

    Smoke report

    Answers to questions about the grow

    Quality & Quantity of the harvest.

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